Effectively Organize Any Room With These Quick Tips!

Is there one room in your house that you’re too embarrassed for people to see?

A recent comment on our Facebook page inspired us to write a blog article of our own tips to effectively organize the one room in your house that you’re too embarrassed for anyone to see.

Follow these simple steps, and in as little as 3 weeks you should be able to notice a huge difference in the organization of your room.

Tip #1

Grab one large garbage, and one large recycle bag. The objective here is to spend 5 minutes doing a preliminary clean up of any lose objects, paperwork, etc that you immediately recognize as waste. Do this throughout the room as fast as you can. Be mindful of what you’re disposing of, because we want to ensure we are recycling materials to the best of our ability. Repeat this step the next day or two, if necessary.

Tip #2

Grab either a recycle bin or large unused box, and collect empty pop bottles, cans, or drink boxes (come on, we know these too can start to add up, especially in an office) and add them to the bin. Spend 5 minutes doing this. If you’re lucky, you may only have a few to recycle, so you may spend the rest of your allotted 5 minutes rinsing them out in the sink.

Tip #3

You are going to need 3 bins for this task. For the first bin, write “Dispose” the second “Storage” and third “Giveaway” Pick one spot in your room that you are going to focus the next section of your cleanup on. The idea here is to spend 5 minutes sorting through whatever you have in that particular area, anything from office paperwork, clothing, toys, and so on, then move clockwise around the room, focusing on one area at a time. Depending on the size of your room and how much needs to be organized, this may take you a few days, to a couple weeks.

Tackling a large messy room will seem less daunting and overwhelming if you focus on one particular area at a time. Once you start to see your accomplishments growing from previous days, it will motivate you to continue on with this large task.

Once you have finished circulating around the room, you will need to decide what to do with your 3 bins. We recommend throwing out whatever is in the “Dispose” bin, since this is the easiest. Next you will need to decide the best way to “Giveaway” the items in the second bin. You may either decide to give old clothing away to friends or family, or even the local charity. You can also list these items for free on your local classified website.

“Storage” we have opted to leave last, since it will undoubtedly take the longest to sort and clean up, but perhaps the most fun. You may need to make a trip to your local hardware store to purchase storage bins for clothing, or new shelving units if it’s an accumulation of books/magazines or random paperwork. You may find going to your local dollar store, for cheaper alternatives to your organizational needs. If your bin contains clothing, you may want to consider grabbing several clothing storage bags for $1.00. This will keep your clothing dry and protect it from future insects or mold. You may also find funky dividers and holders for your paperwork at the dollar store, too. This is where you have to determine what items will best suit your storage needs.

Once you are finished, you will feel a huge sense of accomplishment. You may even need to continue these steps in another room but we promise it’s worth it! If you are satisfied with our tips and suggestions, then please pass this along to your friends & family members, so that they can benefit, too!

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